Who gives 10 basic suggestions on how to prevent new coronavirus
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At a regular press conference on the 28th, the director general of the World Health Organization, Mr. Tan Desai, introduced 10 basic personal preventive measures against the new coronavirus, including cleaning hands and surfaces regularly, avoiding travel during fever or cough, etc.

Tan Desai said at a press conference on the same day, "containment of the epidemic starts from you.". Who gives 10 basic recommendations for personal preventive measures against the new coronavirus.


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First, wash your hands regularly with alcohol based hand sanitizer, or with soap and water. It is one of the ways of virus transmission that hands touch the contaminated surface or the patient's face. Therefore, cleaning hands can reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Second, use disinfectant to clean the surface of items regularly, such as kitchen tables, chairs and desks.

Third, self-study the relevant knowledge of NCV pneumonia, but ensure that the information comes from reliable sources such as local or national public health institutions, who websites and local health professionals. For most people, the initial symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus are fever and dry cough, not runny nose. Most of the infected patients are mild and can get better without any special care.

Fourth, avoid traveling during fever or cough. If you get sick during flight, inform the crew immediately. Contact the medical staff immediately after returning home and tell them where they have been.

Fifth, when coughing or sneezing, cover with sleeves or use tissue. When the tissue is used up, throw it into the closed dustbin immediately, and then wash your hands.

Sixth, people over 60 years old or with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and other basic diseases may have a higher risk of severe illness after infection with new coronavirus. These people should take additional preventive measures, such as avoiding going to crowded places or places where they may interact with patients.

Seventh, once you feel uncomfortable, please stay at home and call your doctor or local medical staff, who will ask about your symptoms, where you have been and who you have contacted. This will help to get the right advice or go to the right medical and health institutions according to the guidelines, and prevent the infection of others.

Eighth, when you are sick, you should stay at home, eat and sleep separately from your family, and use different tableware.

Ninth, if you have shortness of breath, see a doctor immediately.

Tenth, it is normal and understandable to feel anxious during an epidemic, especially when living in a country or community affected by the epidemic. Please learn about the measures to prevent and control the epidemic in our community, and discuss how to ensure safety in the workplace and school.

Tan Desai also stressed that who provides general guidance, and individuals should follow the guidance of their countries and consult local health professionals.


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