How to ensure indoor air quality in winter?
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In winter, as the weather gets colder, in order to keep warm, in addition to conventional heating facilities, people will also use air conditioning, heating fans and other heating equipment to ensure the temperature of the room. However, if the indoor temperature is too high, the volatilization rate of formaldehyde and other substances will also increase sharply. How can we ensure good indoor air quality in winter? In view of the problems raised by the owners, the person in charge of the office of Shanxi interior decoration Association said that in terms of indoor air quality in winter, the most effective solution is to correctly open the windows for ventilation and keep the room clean.

Choose the right time for window ventilation in winter
Many people think that the temperature is low in winter and the volatilization of harmful gases is slow, so the pollution at home should be less. In fact, on the contrary, indoor air quality may be worse in winter than in other seasons. Generally speaking, outdoor air quality is better than indoor air quality, often open windows for ventilation can let the dirty air float away, and it is difficult for viruses and germs to breed and reproduce. Except for the weather with poor outdoor air quality, window ventilation can effectively reduce indoor air pollution index at other times.
In urban atmospheric environment, there are two pollution peaks and two relatively clean valleys in a day. The pollution peak is around sunrise and in the evening, and the relatively clean time is around 10 am and 3 pm. When it is relatively clean, proper opening of windows can maintain the freshness of indoor air.
Of course, it's not that the more the windows are opened, the better. Because frequent opening of windows in winter will waste energy and affect the comfort of indoor temperature. Therefore, we need to master the number of windows and the time of opening each time. The window opening time can be shorter if the room is small, there is wind outside and the house is transparent from north to south. The window opening time can be longer if the room is large, there is no convective ventilation structure, there is no wind outside or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is small. If it is haze and sandstorm weather, try not to choose the window ventilation. If your bedroom window is directly facing the road, dust and pollution is relatively more, try to choose in the low peak section of traffic, less cars when the window ventilation.
au.jpgDon't ventilate the new house too long each time
The person in charge said that if your bedroom is a newly decorated one, you'd better choose a warm afternoon for ventilation in winter, and the ventilation time should not be too long each time. Because the formaldehyde and other chemical pollution in newly decorated houses and furniture need to be more than 20 ℃ to effectively volatilize, so in winter when the indoor and outdoor temperature is relatively low, long-term ventilation can not eliminate the decoration and furniture pollution and purify the air, on the contrary, it will make the wall paint that is not dry after decoration easy to be frozen, resulting in the wall after spring Surface discoloration, wood paint deterioration and even powdering.
In addition to the above-mentioned windowing to reduce indoor air pollution, it is also very important to ensure indoor cleanliness. For example, the radiator should be cleaned frequently to ensure cleanliness, because if there is dust on the radiator, it is easy to evaporate in the air with the increase of temperature, resulting in the increase of dust content in indoor air, which is harmful to human health. At the same time, in the indoor cleaning, we should also pay attention to the use of appropriate methods. For example, the floor should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner as far as possible, and then the table and floor should be wiped after the rag and mop are wet. When patting the dust or quilt on the clothes, it is necessary to go outdoors to pat, so as not to raise the indoor dust again.
Indoor humidification should be appropriate in winter
In winter, many people feel dry throat and cough easily when they wake up in the morning, which is caused by the relatively low humidity in the room. Although the humidity is too high, easy to cause indoor air pollutants dissolved in water vapor, adverse to human health. But if the humidity is too low and the room is too dry, it will aggravate the dust phenomenon and make people easy to catch fire. Therefore, indoor humidification is necessary in winter.
In addition to using humidifier, traditional humidification methods can also be adopted, such as putting a basin of water in the house to make the water evaporate, drying some wet clothes and towels indoors, and placing some humidified plants indoors. Conditional consumers can also put an air purifier at home. It is worth noting that when using the air purifier in winter, they often check the internal cleanliness of the air purifier and the status of the filter, and replace the filter in time to avoid secondary pollution. In addition, the air purifier is recommended to be used continuously and not intermittently.
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