What are the hazards of pollutants in the air?
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In daily life, bad indoor air can lead to physical discomfort and poor health (such as headache, itchy eyes, dyspnea, skin allergy, fatigue or vomiting), and in the working environment, it will lead to high absenteeism and low production efficiency.


But the harm of indoor air pollution is not only that, many diseases and even death are related to it. According to the article "indoor air pollution and health" published by the World Health Organization in September 2011, 4% of global diseases are related to indoor air quality, including pneumonia, chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, etc. The global health risk survey published by the authoritative medical journal the lancet also points out that in 2010, 3.2 million people died early due to outdoor air pollution, while 3.5 million people died early due to indoor air pollution. China's indoor environmental pollution survey results in an average of 11.04 million people die every day due to indoor environmental pollution. Therefore, indoor air pollution has become an invisible killer of human health.

2.5pm particles in the air are very small, less than 1 / 20 of the diameter of human hair, so they can not be seen by naked eyes. They can float in the air for several days. After being inhaled into the human body, they will directly enter the bronchi, interfere with the gas exchange of the lungs, and cause diseases including asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular diseases. These particles can also enter the blood through the bronchus and alveoli. Harmful gases and heavy metals are dissolved in the blood, causing greater harm to human health. Pregnant women, developing infants, children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups are the most affected groups.

Recent studies have shown that exposure to air pollution during pregnancy is likely to lead to adverse delivery outcomes and cause health problems for mothers and infants. Prenatal exposure to contaminated environments increases the risk of premature delivery and low birth weight. (LBW is less than 2500 grams, or 5.5 pounds), which has become a public health challenge in the United States. Some studies have linked particulate pollution exposure to high risk of low birth weight (LBW) and infant mortality, especially respiratory diseases during the postpartum period.


Children's body is developing and their immune system is relatively weak. In addition, children's breathing capacity is 50% higher than that of adults by weight, which makes them more vulnerable to indoor air pollution. The more serious the pollution, the higher the abnormal rate of lung function in children. Serious air pollution can increase the risk of abnormal lung function by 30% - 70%. According to the study of China National Environmental Monitoring Center, the proportion of children whose parents smoke suffer from cough, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases is much higher than that of children whose parents do not smoke.

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