Anti-second-hand smoke artifacts, Pudun ashtray purifier
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Smoking is everywhere in our lives, even if you do not smoke, there will always be second-hand smoke, but it is the health hazards of how much?


The harmful substances in second-hand smoke can contaminate the environment in the womb, reduce the blood oxygen content in the mother's body, cause various kinds of abnormal life signs in the fetus due to lack of oxygen, and easily cause fetal growth retardation and defects in various systems of the fetus, in severe cases, premature birth and stillbirth may occur.


According to research, the sperm fertility of long term smokers was 75 percent lower than that of non smokers, because sperm can recognize and respond to nicotine, and long term exposure to secondhand smoke overloads the nicotine receptors in human sperm, and that reduces the ability to fertilize.


Secondhand smoke can cause changes in the structure and function of the central and peripheral airways, Alveoli and capillary, and affect the immune system of the lungs, leading to lung diseases, long-term secondhand smoke smokers also have smoky lungs.


More and more smokers are now able to protect themselves and their families only if they have a clear understanding of the dangers of second-hand smoke, and the ban on smoking in public places has to a certain extent limited the opportunities for second-hand smoke, but secondhand smoke in the workplace and home still needs to be addressed.


Today, let us recommend an anti-second-hand smoke artifacts: PUDUN ASHTRAY PURIFIER!

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Not only can it be used as an ashtray, it can also breathe in secondhand smoke, and the air you see around you is healthy.
The use of a composite filter + anion double purification, anion action smoke using the industry commonly used anion generator, built-in high-pressure anion emission module, the initiative to attack the air of second-hand smoke and various odors, breathe in the purifier and let out fresh air rich in negative ions.
Placing a Pudun ashtray in your home will not only keep your ashes on the floor, but will also help you breathe in secondhand smoke as fresh air and protect your family and children from it, says air purifier.

06 Electronic Smart Ashtray, air purifier, anti-second-hand smoke, anion, automatic odor removal, smokeless ashtray.png

Keeping a Pudun Ashtray cleaner handy in the office doesn't have to curb your sudden craving for cigarettes, either to keep you happy at work or to keep your co workers and clients from inhaling secondhand smoke, is both a protection for others is also a careful expression.
Putting a Pudun Ashtray purifier in the conference room can also talk loudly about the analysis of business planning, at the same time, let each representative enjoy the ecological absorption which is rich in negative ions, negative ions can not only purify the air, can also improve the ability to study and work to reduce the error rate, so that the negotiation is more smooth and more pleasant cooperation.

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