New product, new nano MOF material self disinfection kn95 anti-virus mask
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At present, most of the air purification devices on the market rely on the fiber mesh filter elements with certain density and thickness. These filters show excellent PM capture efficiency, but they can not kill harmful microorganisms. As bacteria, fungi, viruses and other breeding, filter life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very important to develop a kind of green and environment-friendly comprehensive air purification material which can not only filter PM particles but also kill bacteria.


A series of metal-organic frameworks (MOFS) with high photocatalytic activity were prepared by Wang Bo's team at Beijing Institute of Technology, and Zif-8 with high photocatalytic activity was selected, to achieve the efficient elimination of E. Coli in water. Then a new type of high efficiency integrated air filter (MOFILTER) was designed and synthesized by hot pressing method. The capture efficiency of PM particles can reach over 98% , and it can kill 99.99% of the bacteria in the air.


In order to achieve the function of personal protection, the research team developed a MOFilter-based personal protective equipment. The survival rate of bacteria on the MOFILTER mask was tested by spraying Bioaerosol to simulate the real use situation. No bacteria survived after 30 minutes of light exposure. At the same time and commercial N95 masks were compared, the same conditions, commercial masks residue of a large number of live bacteria. On the basis of the experimental results, ZIF-8 was also pressed on silk cloth to produce self-cleaning clothes.

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MOF100 anti-virus KN95 mask 2.jpgMOF100 anti-virus KN95 mask 3.jpgMOF100 anti-virus KN95 mask 8.jpgMOF100 anti-virus KN95 mask 9.jpgMOF100 anti-virus KN95 mask 10.jpg

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