We are the most beautiful scenery in this street
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Today's Shenzhen Futian International Convention and Exhibition Center is particularly lively, attracting a lot of visitors from far away, such as purchasers, agents, wholesalers, brand merchants, importers and exporters from the global epidemic prevention material industry chain!


Since aideyi technology is a product of private purification series, its products are intelligent and diversified, especially the electric air supply mask and ashtray purifier, which are unique in the whole exhibition. The past visitors have stopped and are deeply attracted by a series of products in front of our booth with novel and surprised eyes!


When the organizers were running on live, the fans asked the anchor to interview our booth tiktok, and gave us a series of praise for our electric intelligent protection products. Our Liu also explained the products for fans for half an hour. The DIY paper was painted by her own live sister mask. The beautiful smile of live beauty showed how much our products were affected. welcome!


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