Jingdong pudun flagship store is online!!!
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After nearly 93 days of hard application, rejection and submission, our Jingdong pudun Pu Dun flagship store is online!!!

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Pudun pindun flagship store mainly sells electric masks, ashtray purifiers, disinfectors, humidifiers and other new products in the air purification field.

Pudun pudun brand was founded in June 2010, and has a history of 10 years. We firmly believe that the true meaning of Pu Dun is to compose the shield of life!

Spectrum shield slogan is "family has spectrum shield, life safety shield"! It symbolizes Pu Dun's persistent pursuit of people's healthy and green life!


Spectral shield has always been committed to promoting the healthy development of the global electrical industry, focusing on the research on improving the living environment, with the goal of providing simple, intelligent, humanized and integrated home life for human beings, and leading the continuous innovation and development of the electrical industry.

Pudun adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness, courage to innovate, quality assurance, and co creation and win-win" and vigorously promotes modern management; innovation is the driving force of spectral shield, which drives it to constantly break through itself and surpass the industry limits, and always stands at the forefront of China's electrical appliance industry. Quality is the cornerstone of Pu Dun's life. It is the meticulous attitude towards the daily life that ensures the steady and steady pace of Pu Dun's rapid progress, At the same time, in line with the leading talent strategy of talent only, respecting knowledge and talents, spectral shield has established a scientific and technological, professional, knowledgeable, young and dynamic research and development team, sales team and service team. At any time, spectral shield has always been promoting the brand strategy. While improving its popularity, reputation and loyalty, it seeks to build the enterprise into a professional electrical product brand with core competitiveness, industry innovation, which is loved by consumers and has a sense of social responsibility.

"Quality win" is the magic weapon of brand success.

Strict quality control is the guarantee of excellent quality. Every product of spectral shield has passed strict inspection before leaving the factory, and the qualified rate of product unpacking reaches 99.9%.


After continuous efforts, spectral shield products have gradually spread throughout the country's provinces and cities, in the country has a number of outlets. In addition to the traditional channel sales, spectral shield is also committed to the development of e-commerce and video marketing, keeping up with the trend of the times, and striving to create a big brand image of "spectral shield" through multiple perspectives and multi terminals.

Today, spectral shield is accumulating more talents, optimizing various resources, and marching towards the strategic goal of "creating excellent brand of electrical appliances". The healthy development of China's electric appliance industry is the most abundant fertile land of spectral shield, and the development of spectral shield is bound to promote the progress of China's electrical industry.

In the future, with the concept of taking and using the society, the future spectrum shield will pursue the purpose of "creating a new life and a new taste for consumers", We will continue to pursue excellence, work together to build the revitalization and growth of China's electrical industry, and strive to build a world brand with great competitiveness and enduring vitality, so as to maintain its vitality and fly forever in the era of innovation.

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