S8/S9 Non disposable four-layer filtration rate of covid virus resistant silicone mask is 98.2%

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Non disposable four-layer filtration / of covid virus resistant / silicone mask

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Wash and clean directly
  • Four layer high efficiency filter screen
  • 360 degree fit, air leakage proof
  • 98.2% filtration effect
  • Anti covid virus

Product Details

2020 new adult S9 silicone protective mask can be washed and reused purification cover to prevent COVID virus smog dust

Product name: Silicone protective mask

Product model: S9

Filter material: sterilization membrane + electrostatic cotton + meltblown cloth + non-woven fabric

Filter effect: 98.2%

Filter time: 10 days

Function: anti-fog, Pm2.5, pollen, germs, dust

Disinfection method: wipe the mask body with 75% medical alcohol or boil for disinfection

Product weight: 40g

Product size: 100*105*50mm

Packing size: 180*170*50mm

Carton packaging: 540*430*40mm (60pcs)

Huizhou Aideyi Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.

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Telephone: +86-157-2856-2779

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Company Address: No. 105, Dongsheng Village, Pingnan, Zhongkai high tech Zone, Huizhou City


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